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Pediatric Dentist Sedation

General Anesthesia

Most Pediactric Dentists refer patients to a local hospital for treatment under general anesthesia. Our office is also one of the FEW that offers IN-OFFICE general anesthesia as a treatment option. This is where a patient that is extremely phobic and needs extensive treatment of multiple caries, can have all treatment completed in one morning while sound asleep. This eliminates the need for multiple visits or treatment with fear and anxiety. General anesthesia is administered by a licensed anesthesiologist in the privacy of our office. Parents can feel confident and comfortable that their child is being appropriately monitored by all equivalent hospital equipment and is being physician supervised, therefore, there is no need for long hospital waits and treatment is rendered by our practice, rather than hospital residents. The patient has all necessary treatment while asleep in a safe, private, kind and comfortable environment.